Teacher Salary Information

It cannot be stated often enough how great an impact our educators have on our students and the Community. 

We value and appreciate our staff now and always, which we hope is evident in the changes we’ve seen with regards to professional development opportunities, benefits and compensation. 

As such, we want to share exemplars of how fortunate we are to serve in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

The starting base salary for certified staff during the 2017/2018SY was $43,343; for the 2018/2019SY it was $44,643; for both the 2019/2020SY and 2020/2021SY it was $45,879; and for this year (2021-2022SY) it is $49,999. Click here to view the current salary schedules for all Salt River Schools staff, including certified staff.

Below is information regarding our report on average salary increases in both raw dollars and percentages, in addition to our Cost-of-Living-Allowances (COLA) paid to staff. 

Average Certified Staff Salaries from SY2019 to SY2021
  ALL   % Change $ Change 
SY 2021* $67,506 4.3% $3,038 
SY 2020 $58,043  0.9% $496 
SY 2019 $57,547 3.5% $1,950 
SY 2018 $55,597    

*Please note: Salt River High School closed in 2020; the average salary for certified staff (teachers) is reflected accordingly (the number of staff changed). The average salary listed above reflects the charter school(s) within the SRPMIC Education Division (DBA "Salt River Schools") only. The average certified staff (teachers) salary may fluctuate due to the number of teachers employed annually, as well as those teachers' individual employment histories (how long they've worked for Salt River Schools, for instance).

COLA History COLA % Applied  Applied to Compensation 
SY 2021 4.5% base
SY 2020 0% N/A
SY 2019 3.0% Lump sum payment (aligned to SRPMIC) 
SY 2018 3.0% base
SY 2017
3.0% base
SY 2016 3.5% base
SY 2015 3.5% base
SY 2014 3.5% base
SY 2013 2.5% Lump sum payment (aligned to SRPMIC)
TOTAL COLA   26.5%

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For more information, please visit our Human Resources page.
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